French Bulldog Sweatshirt.


It’s raining in Marbella today, but I love these kind of days. It’s great to feel a bit of winter once in a while.

Monkirusa, our French bulldog, is the one that likes it the most. He’s been lying on the sofa the whole day, and I’ve almost had to take him in my arms to leave the house!

Our doggy is becoming a bit rebellious. Maybe we pamper him too much. Anyhow, he’s so loving that we wanted him to appear in one of our sweatshirts.

Le Sud Monkey’s sweatshirt is one of our best sellers. I love this. Monki on one of the sleeves. 😉

There are other small prints aport from our frenchie eating a watermelon. You can see the details here.

This photo shoot was done in a super sunny day. I like photos with a white background, like the wall in our studio. Colors are highlighted much more.

I am wearing Le Sud Monkey’s sweatshirt with a silver pleated skirt. I love the outfit. Do you like it?

I’m a big fan of pleated skirts, specially for casual looks combined with a sweatshirt, sneakers and a good accessory like a Chanel bag.

What do you think of the look with the sweatshirt?

Do you like prints in general?

I personally like subtle prints, with something special. And glitter is a must.

By the way, what I consider most important is to wear a print that has not been produced by thousands, and that you can find it everywhere.

What do you guys think? Do you like to discover unique clothes? Do you dare to try new brands?